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As a right hand in Business Strategy, you will be assisting our Sales team in the implementation of our ambitious B2B market penetration strategy.
  • You will investigate french & european big and medium companies, trying to qualify the value behind each opportunity and find the best interlocutors to sell our solution
  • You will build the documentation to highlight the value we can bring and will prospect by creative means the most interesting potential clients of Keymetrics
  • You will manage our internal tools to measure our results and you will assist the meetings to question and adapt our strategy to the most updated market informations we have

It is a strategic position with outstanding key learnings for a career in the B2B sales and strategy industry. You will be driven by a team of two exceptional Sales individuals and will witness how a little but organised, data driven and determined team can analyse, segment, and penetrate one by one all the segments of a software market and triple its B2B activity in 6 months. You will discover the complexity of the magic behind the software architectures of today and at the end of your internship, you will benefit from a radically more precise understanding of the internet industry. 
We expect a strong go-getter spirit! If you have a strong learning culture, you are not afraid to get your hands dirty, iterate, retry and learn and if you feel like reading your own description, we would love to hear from you!